Dermalux LED Phototherapy

The safe, pain-free way for getting naturally vibrant, clearer skin. The procedure uses LEDs to expose your skin to specific types of light to stimulate natural responses in the skin making it a leading, non-invasive treatment for skin-rejuvenation and problem skin conditions such as flushed and spot prone skin. The procedure is safe, painless and doesn’t even require any downtime due to recovery. 

Vitamin Magic

 We often associate exposure to light with negative effects such as skin ageing and photodamage, but light can also have many positive influences on our bodies. It helps us produce vitamin D, provides energy and serotonin, encourages cell growth and can rejuvenate collagen in your skin.The spectrum of light is divided into those that you can see, such as red and blue light, and those you can’t, such as UV and near-infrared. The differences between the positive and negative effects of light are the amounts and the parts of that spectrum to which you’re exposed. 

Relaxing & Rejuvenating

 Different types of light stimulate different responses, so while ongoing exposure to UV is very damaging, controlled levels of near-infrared, blue and red light are clinically proven to be beneficial in rejuvenating skin and resolving problem skin conditions.This treatment is safe, pain free and suitable for all skin types. Each treatment requires you to spend about 20 minutes under the light and is actually a pleasant, relaxing experience. Your practitioner will advise you on what the best combination of light and course of treatment is best for your skin.