Professional Care

 The Only clinic in Kent specifically designed to help with menopausal skin, The menopause is an inevitable part of the ageing process and this not only affects the internal body but also the skin too 

The solution

 With the decline of the hormone B-Estradil just one of the culprits responsible for ageing skin along with lowered estrogen and progesterone the skin can become wrinkled or start to sag with visible signs of thinning epidermis and become prone to sun damage resulting in hyper pigmentation and age spots.  

Whats involved


We will perform a blood test (Optional)  to assess the hormone levels and have the results in 24-48 hours

Once we have the results we will recommend a skin care product such as Endocare Cellpro the very latest treatment in skin biotechnology, clinically proven to stimulate stem cells in the fibroblast which promote collagen and elastin for fewer lines and wrinkles