Nithya - " Constant, everlasting & eternal in Sanskrit

A truly unique form of pain-less anti-ageing treatment, Nithya is the first skin rejuvenation injectable made from type 1 collagen available in the UK.This revolutionary new skin plumping treatment is designed to holistically improve the production of new collagen, helping to ease fine lines around the eyes, improve facial volume in areas such as the cheeks, and can even improve the appearance of the decolletage 

 This exceptional collagen-boosting product is proven to be safe, has had no reported side effects, is hypoallergenic and gives excellent results. We truly believe this could rival the results of established but overused anti-ageing cosmetic treatments,” he said.“This is the only commercially available Type I collagen intended for aesthetic use in the country, and we’re already getting rave reviews from cosmetic doctors thanks to its excellent results and numerous areas" 

"We are certain this is the future of anti-ageing”

 Collagen boosting treatments using Nithya will be available for men and women at Natural Beauty By Design from now on.

 Results last around 12 months depending on age, lifestyle and environment.
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