PDO Thread Lift

Lift & Tighten sagging skin without surgery

 They are the longest lasting absorbable threads available to ensure the lift lasts at least 18 months post procedure. Thread lifts are a minimally invasive treatment that can take as little as an hour to perform the treatment. The results are significantly more than skin tightening but not as significant as full surgery 

Natural Results

  PDO threads offer the very latest technology for soft, natural-looking thread lifting in a non-invasive procedure. The PDO thread lift is designed for effective facial rejuvenation without surgery, which means less downtime at a comparatively lower cost with lower risk and minimal aftercare following treatment.  

No down time


  • No visible scarring.
  • Minimally invasive.
  • Safe, fast and effective.
  • Only a local anaesthetic is needed
  • Standard procedure takes 30-60 minutes.
  • Achieve youthful looking beauty.
  • Results last approximately 12 to 18 months